The Firehouse Magnum Party is coming Saturday the 22nd!!!

Come one, come all!!!! This should be the one that started them all!! In many years in Sacramento and in the wine industry there have been great events here or there for wine and enthusiasts alike. Festivals for this harvest or viticulture area or fair and so on. But for the super wine geek or wine lover in most of us we know WHAT we like and love to share our opinions and experiences on this winery or that style or vintage and so forth. Why not have something that encompasses all of that. Let’s have a party where you come and show off your best wines and try everyone elses treasures.

Why not have two great Chefs get groovy with some awesome food that you do not need to have a seated dinner with, but to have with what they love and to have with wine? Well it is here on Staurday the 22nd @ 7 P.M. in the Courtyard at The Firehouse Restaurant. Chef Deneb Williams of the Firehouse and Chef Jay Veregge of Ten22 will have roasting pigs and giant seafood stations. Some of the greatest wine cheeses and charcutery as well as sweet wonderments as Mario and I have our Sommelier staff ready with the magnums of wine that you, yes you, the guests get to bring in and share the stories of the great bottles. The great memories of what happened with that winery or experience you had. By the way, I will have to say that Mario and I have a few friends that are coming as well from Frank Family, Silver Oak, Kevin and Mark from Kobalt, Linda Neal from Mellowood and Tierra Roja, Row Eleven Winery, Jeremy Nickel’s The Vineyard House, Master Sommelier Fred Dame, and Spoto wines will be here with their magnums (or BIGGER) as well!!!

Now to me, this sounds like it is shaping up to be a Party. Todd Morgan & The Emblems will be playing some incredible music for dancing under the stars and help set the musical tone for the special night. Proceeds from the evening will benefit the California Musical Theatre. The First Magnum Party in Sacramento. The one to start them all. So get your wine enthusiasm ready to share. Get a magnum of wine. Come down and have a night to remember in which we will have everyone else saying ” I just drank a 1973 BV with a Master Sommelier? AWESOME!!!” Sacramento deserves to have their special wine event that everyone talks about. A wine event. A Magnum Wine Party. Starting to smile yet? Let’s get the PARTY started.

I really hope to see you here ready to have a lot of fun, sharing stories, making a new one with me and Mario for a great, great cause. Call to confirm, tickets are $125 per person and icludes tax, tip, and valet parking, just bring your Magnum of wine. -P

Paul Marsh, C.S.

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