Beer Tasting Wednesdays and the Road to Cicerone

Every Wednesday evening in recent weeks at Ten22, Executive Chef Jay Veregge leads an entertaining hour of beer tasting. Known for its large beer selection, Ten22 wanted to create a program where beer enthusiasts can come learn more about their favorite beers, as well as fall in love with new beer and food pairings. With a different them each week, Beer Tasting Wednesdays have been a beer lover’s paradise.

But wait! There’s more! Beer Tasting Wednesdays just got infinitely more interesting as Chef Jay just passed his Certified Beer Server exam in the Cicerone Certification Program. Now beer enthusiasts, as well as beer skeptics, can come to Beer Tasting Wednesdays knowing they are listening to an expert! “It’s necessary in this business to understand and keep current with the ever-changing beer industry,” said Chef Jay. “I’m a beer enthusiast, and I wanted to test my knowledge on what I know.”

To become a Certified Beer Server one must have proficient knowledge of beer storage and service as well as some knowledge of beer styles which includes understanding of beer tasting, flavors and the basic brewing process and ingredients ( Doesn’t sound quite so simple for the first level, now does it? “The first test in the Cicerone Program was more difficult than I expected even with my expansive knowledge of beer,” said Chef Jay. “If you’re not completely into beer, you might have a hard time.”

Nevertheless, Chef Jay is confident he can give people the opportunity through Beer Tasting Wednesdays to become their own Cicerone if they should choose to do so. The information he imparts on Wednesdays on different types of beer leaves room for everyone to be educated in some capacity. It is extremely important to Chef Jay that everyone who comes to Beer Tasting Wednesdays has a good time, but also that they learn something. “Beer Tasting Wednesdays have fast become a place where people can come to have fun, and we’ve already developed a loyal following,” said Chef Jay. It is a good deal indeed to receive a fair amount of beer and food for $10!

For more information on Beer Tasting Wednesdays, visit our website.

Lindy Gervin

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